Petplay Box ~ Premium

Kneady Kitten

R1,875.00 ZAR 

Please note: Boxes take 4-8 weeks to make 

South Africa's first Petplay Box is here! Whether you'd like a starter kit to kick off some experimenting with a new kink or if you're just looking to add to your existing collection, the Pet Box will have something for you that'll suit your needs and budget. Kneady Kitten's pet boxes are focused on practicality, where all items are made to be sturdy and tug-proof. 

All ears are made by the lovely Sin Bin

The premium box features airbrushed ears as well as upgraded gear. Thicker material used as well as having some basic add-ons like lace. It'll come with a few extras the standard box doesn't contain.

The "Premium" tier contains:

1. Ears (cat, dog or arctic fox)

2. Matching detachable bows

3. Collar (pleated for cats, PU for dog and fox)

4. Matching cuffs

5. Cuff connector 

6. Matching satin lined nylon leash

7. Adorable paw/bone treats

8. Soft plush pet toy

9. Activity sheet 

10. Free stickers 

All collars are standard 32-33cm minimum size. Please input your size in the 'notes' section if you are smaller or much larger than the standard size

If you'd like a specific colour of ears rather than an overall colour scheme, add it to the 'notes' section. Colour selections are subject to stock availability. 

** Images don't contain the cuff connector, activity sheet and stickers but they will be included 

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