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Tease Me Mystery Bundle

R330.00 ZAR 

This is a pre-order item with a lead time of 1 month

This exclusive offer includes a limited edition jewellery piece, limited edition harness and limited edition collar from Punk Pixie Bound. Each month, there will be brand new designs to stand out from the crowd

The Vampire Tease Me Bundle is the perfect choice for the modern romantic goth. Pieces crafted with luxurious black lace and eye-catching spikes, with subtle red accents and black chain for a touch of drama.

The Siren Tease Me Bundle is crafted to perfection with intricate black lace, captivating blue, green and white accents, shimmering silver chains and charms, and glamorous diamanté – the perfect accessory for any siren.

The Witch Tease Me Bundle is the must-have set for an enchantress. Elegant rings, crystals, gemstones and charms including snakes, triquetras, and pentagrams create an alluring and mysterious look, perfect for those seeking to cast a spell.

Available for pre-order