Tiny Deathly Hallows Harry Potter Earrings

The Blue Box

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Harry Potter earrings 🧙‍♂️ Deathly Hallows charms on standard earrings hooks. Symbolising the three most powerful objects: The Cloak of Invisibility, The Resurrection Stone & The Elder Wand; the Deathly Hallows symbol is a prominent feature throughout throughout Harry Potter saga. These earrings are carefully handcrafted by the owner of The Blue Box in Bothaville, South Africa. Sold as a pair, these earrings are made of a metal alloy which may tarnish or discolour over time or with frequent wearing. Perfect for days when you want to subtly show your allegiance to your favourite fandom; or to gift your favourite Potterhead with. Each charm measures 15mm, and are placed on earring hooks with an approximate length of 25mm. Search "Harry Potter" on www.foreverwild.co.za to see more products from the fandom 🔮


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